Quizical – Outdoor Screen Active lessons – Getting children active whilst learning!

Quizical is a brand new way of getting school children active!

Using our unique technology and wonderful animation, we bring the curriculum to life with fun and interactive quizzes that not only spark children's imagination but also increase their daily activity.

Get Active

With Quizical lessons, teachers now have the opportunity to take every subject in to the playground or school hall for active learning.


Get your class working as a team to find the answers to the Quizical lessons and help pupils build relationships.

Learning Styles

Geared for different learning styles, Quizical lessons helps pupils with this visual and aural style of learning whilst keeping them active.


Reinforce your lessons across your curriculum, with lesson from History, Science, Maths and Geography.


Quizical excellent playground lesson activities, that helps tackle childhood obesity, promote healthy eating and increase physical activity.

Mental Health

The PHSE section in the Quizical lessons talks about bullying, emotions and more, helping your school and pupils to understand current mental health issues.

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